Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect on my first day?

We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time of your lesson. During that time a staff member will show you around the facility and walk your child into class.

What if my child cries during class?

It's hard to know what to do when your child cries during class. A certain amount of crying is ok and is to be expected from most beginners. In most cases, this goes away after the first month. We will actively work with your child to establish trust with him/her in order to ease their discomfort.

Do you offer makeups for missed classes?

Yes! We have a Lesson Guarantee policy meaning that if you are unable to attend or you miss a lesson you will not lose it and it will never expire. As long as you notify us of the absence beforehand, we will reschedule it for a small $3 fee. That fee is waived for the following: Gold families (If you purchase a Gold Lesson Package for one of your children) If the absence is reported more than a week ahead of time. You provide a doctor confirmation of surgery or sickness.

How do I take a break from lessons?

Here at Catch the Wave we make it a point to meet the needs of our customers including flexible scheduling options, instructor requests, proper class ratios, etc. The drop policy outlined below ensures that we are able to do just that with the use of proper planning. We require two things in order for members to stop lessons: 1. A notice by or before the 1st of the month. We do require a notice to withdraw from classes by the first of the month, of the month you wish to finish. For example we ask that you provide notice by January 1st, to stop lessons for January 31st. This allows us enough time to make sure that classes are properly filled and staffed which is crucial to maintaining our Student:Instructor ratios. 2. Final lessons must occur during the last week of the month. This is in place to make the creation, consolidation, and transition of classes as smooth as possible. All drops must be submitted through e-mail to For confirmation purposes, we cannot accept drop dates in person or over the phone.

How do I register for lessons?

By filling out a registration form HERE for Pec or HERE for Oregon. Once received by us, a team member will reach out to complete the enrollment and answer any questions you might have prior to your Risk-free trial.

Why do you charge a month in advance?

Your payment reserves your enrollment and ensures your child has a place with us.

Can I request an instructor?

While we cannot make any guarantees, we’ll certainly take your requests into account. We understand that different students respond to different teaching styles and we want to make sure that we accommodate your child the best we can in order to maximize their learning experience.

How do I change the date and time of my lessons?

We can always assist with this over a phone call or text, whichever you prefer.

When is the best time to start lessons?

As soon as possible. The earlier you get your child enrolled in swim classes the quicker they can become acclimated to the water before any fears or anxieties begin to develop. You can start lessons with us as early as 3 months.

What happens in the case of bad weather?

Depending on the severity, classes might be canceled. When this happens a free makeup class will be issued and members will typically be notified via text and email beforehand.

Pecatonica Covid-19 Policies

As directed by Illinois Department of Public Health we are required to post our phase 4 Covid-19 policies on either our webpage or our social media channel. Below is our up-to-date policy on Covid-19 and facility use.

1) We will maintain capacity at the lesser of 50 people, or 50% capacity of the facility.

2) We will sanitize and/or disinfect locker rooms and touched surfaces frequently.

3) We will require employees, and recommend customers, to wash their hands frequently.

4) We will insist employees and customers adhere to social distancing inside the facility with aim to remain at least 6feet away from one another.

5) All employees will have temperature checks and screening prior to the beginning of their shift.

6) If an employee becomes infected with COVID-19, they should remain isolated at home for a minimum of 10 days after symptom onset OR until feverless and feeling well (without fever-reducing medication) for at least 72 hours OR until confirmed to not have COVID-19 via two negative COVID-19 tests in a row done at least 24 hours apart.

7) If a customer is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, they should leave the facility. If an employee or customer is identified as COVID-19 positive, cleaning and disinfecting should be performed in accordance to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.

8) Our drinking fountain will remain closed and customers/employees are encouraged to bring water or drinks with to the facility.

9) Hand sanitizer is provided at the facility entrance and Clorox wipes are provided at the podium on the pool deck. Touch less soap dispenser provided in the locker rooms.

10) Signage is posted at the entrance to the pool regarding Covid-19 policies.

11) We encourage customers to bring their own pool toys, goggles and folding chairs for seating. We will sanitize facility chairs that are shared frequently but if a customer wishes to being a bag chair for their own personal use they may. Chairs should be spaced 6 feet apart from other families.

12) Searing is also available on the patio for those who desire. Weather permitting, we will also have two entrances to the facility.

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